Richard LaCroix


At 6’2" with a head of well groomed light blond hair that almost borders on silver and eyes so blue you would have a hard time believing they could hide anything the Prince of the Houston-Galveston stretch looms over his domain ever vigilant for any signs that might indicate chaos or invasion, at least he did once.
Ever since the death of his first born, the Prince has been looking pale (even by Kindred standards) , that calm manner with which he commanded the respect of the city is gone, lost in a mixture of anger and despair, and the city has been thrown to the wolves, already his Sheriff has had to begin fending of pretenders to the Princedom. It takes but a look to see that he is a broken man, the question is whether this man can be put back together or will a new figure rise to steal his crown.


If not outright loved, as a Prince Richard was at least respected, until the death of his Childe Jacques, his first born, whom he hoped would inherit in due time the Principality. A thought that startled more than one Kindred and not only in the city. After all he holds not only one pf the biggest, but also one of the most prestigious Domains in The Americas, and has managed to keep it relatively peaceful. So why would he have wanted to relinquish power?

However in more recent nights, Richard’s behavior has become Tyrannical to say the least, and he seems to have forgotten all desire to step down from his seat, even after having dealt Final death to the Kindred responsible for that murder most fowl.

Richard LaCroix

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